Cheeky Monkeys is a purpose built family business that is here to entertain your children. Our food is high quality and freshly made, whether it’s for a snack, light lunch, birthday party or our childcare OOSH service. There is a good mix of treats and healthy food for you to choose. We also understand that some families have special requirements and we will do our utmost to be as flexible and accommodating as we can. We offer yummy coffee and other hot beverages, as well as cool drinks for thirsty kids!

Mums and Dads can relax and use our free Wifi Hotspot whilst the kids play on our 3 storey structure and slide.

We even offer one other special service, which is proving to be very popular, our Saturday Night Kids Club! Open on the first Saturday Night of the month from 6pm – 9pm – we offer to look after the kids for you whilst you go out for dinner or to catch a movie! It’s the perfect arrangement as the kids have a great time with us and you get to have some well earned “me” time. Just remember bookings are a must!!