Fun, laughter and a barrel of speeding slot cars at Cheeky Monkeys! Vroom, Vroom, Vroom - crash. It’s Slot Car Racing Birthday Party Time!

Cheeky Admad Racecar 265x265This party is super popular for the boys, and believe it or not just as popular for the girls who love to test their driving/crashing fun too! Cheeky Monkeys Play House has not only the biggest and best slot car racing track in the Northern Beaches, Sydney, it’s massive fun for everyone. 

Yes, we let your kidz take control racing slot cars around the track at lightning speeds. Who doesn’t love controlling the cars and making it the whole way around the track chasing their friend’s cars and trying to vroom past them?

The kids love it because they all get to take control and awesome is what the kids tell us! Dads, Mums, carers and all family members can get involved. They enjoy playing with our top of the range slot cars as they wind, slide, zip and race around the enormous track. All levels of little monkeys can have bucket loads of fun. 

As this is one of our biggest party bookings you need to book early.

Party Times: 9.30 am – 6 pm 
Slot Car Racing room: 10am, 12pm, 2pm or 4pm
Party Duration time: 2 hours 

What you get when you book the Slot Car Racing room:

On arrival, everyone is greeted by the awesome party host. Parents can then retreat to the reserved table area in the café (For parents who may wish to stay).

Then it is super fun play time for 45 mins on the 3 Story Climbing Jungle, Triple Slide, and Ball Pit. Followed by an hour and fifteen minutes in the slot car racing room where the children have their meals and finish with the birthday cake. All the children leave with a Lolly Bag each to take home and devour. 

For more information, call Cheeky Monkeys Play House today on 02 9999 0388 to book your child's slot car birthday party.

It's fantastic fun at Cheeky Monkeys Play House!